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    Address:Zhejiang ruian kumho reef industrial zone west street road no. 6 possessors
    Mobile Phone:13705876663 18958870663
    Corporate Culture

    Major management idea

    1. Company aim: advanced technology, high quality
    2. Company concept: keep lofty mind, keep pace with times
    3. Undertaking idea: creating value (economic value, life value and social value), training talents and returning to the society
    4. Company spirit: united, innovative, pragmatic, dedicatory
    5. Development principle: based in China, open to the world
    6. Operation principle: oriented by market, piloted by technology, benefit highlighted, customer centered
    7. Management principle: dominated by culture, based on human, led by morals
    8. Working principle: work with perseverance, pursue perfection
    9. Working style: vigorously and effectively 
    10. Employment rule: employ the most suitable, the qualified remains and the disqualified leaves 
    11. System management rule: manage based on law, protect environment, guarantee staffer??s safety and health, create a famous both in China and world
    12. System management target: acceptance rate of environment control is 100%, severe accident is 0, defective fraction of product is 0, satisfaction rate is higher than 80.
    13. Quality management principle: all staffers participate, prevention first; all procedures are well controlled.
    14. Safety principle: safety first, prevention first
    15. Human principle: provide opportunities, train talents
    16. Information principle: timely, fast and accurate passage
    17. Research and development principle: we have what others have not, we have the best of what others have, we have the most specific among the best, and we have the newest among the specific.
    18. Planning principle: reasonable arrangement, timely adjustment and control
    19. Domestic sales principle: based on Zhejiang, face the whole country
    20. Export sales principle: based on Europe and America, open to the whole world
    21. Production principle: work intensively, deliver punctually
    22. Technique principle: keep improving
    23. Purchasing principle: shop around to get the good buy
    24. Finance principle: budget strictly, improve benefits
    25. Stat. principle: realistic and accurate
    26. Service principle: correctitude, neither humble nor pert
    27. Quality assurance system principle of production of pressure pipeline: make Zhiqing be the famous brand both in China and abroad
    28. Quality assurance system target of production of pressure pipeline: establish, implement, keep and improve the quality assurance system of production of pressure pipeline; satisfaction rate of customer is higher than 80, disposal rate of complaint is 100%, acceptance rate of product is 100%, international standard adoption rate is higher than 60%
    29. Environmental and occupational health and safety management principle: abide by law, protect environment, safe and healthy, peaceful Zhiqing
    30. Environmental and occupational health and safety management target: fully eliminate severe pollution to environment, have no severe accidents or fires, staffers have no occupational diseases.

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